Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Tomorrow is a very big day for Scotland and Wales especially with all of their Parliament and Assembly members up for election!!

I saw Jeremy Paxman interview Alex Salmon last night who was being incredibly slippery about key issues around the SNP, coalition, the Referedum, the break up of the Union, and the possibility of another referndum if the first one did not give the SNP the answer that they want!! He is a quite ridiculous politician and cant seriously be considered as Scotland's First Minister Can he?????
The opinion polls are looking better so I can only hope that my Country men and women do the right thing tomorrow!!
I remember where I was 10 years ago when I went down to Downing Street to see Tony Blair enter No. 10 after so long in opposition and, to be frank, at times a belief that we would never get back into power again!! A truly great memory of a great day and Britian truly has been transformed by Labour from the wreckage left by the brutality of Thatcher and the incompetence of Major!!!

Below is an extract and a link to a good analysis by David Blunkett on 10 years of Labour!

Ten and now – a country transformed: 10 years of Labour Government in Britain

Tuesday 1 May 2007

On 1 May 2007, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP and UNISON Labour Link publish, “Then and now – a country transformed: 10 years of Labour Government in Britain.”

By recalling and revisiting newspaper headlines that were commonplace prior to Labour’s election in 1997 on the key issues of education, employment,health, crime and the economy, the pamphlet tells the story of the transformation that has taken place across the country under Labour and led by Tony Blair. Headlines such as "Crumbling Britain - Schools of Shame" (The Observer, 3.3.96), "4M Jobless" (The Sun, 21.03.97) or "Ten Years of Crises in NHS" (The Times, 1.1.90) belong in the past – but they have not faded from our front pages by chance. Only by making clear political choices and prioritising issues that make a real difference to people’s quality of life - building hundreds of new schools, introducing the minimum wage, trebling spending in the NHS, taking decisive action against anti-social behaviour and stabilising the economy - have such changes been possible.

David Blunkett makes clear that we must work against the disconnect that has become all too recognisable – where people do not link their decision to elect Labour in 1997 and again in 2001 and 2005 with the choices made by our government and the results that are so clear in our communities. He suggests that the power-sharing administration in Northern Ireland from 8 May this year will serve as the very best example, for those who need one, of the power of politics.

Through use of the newspapers’ own words, “Then and Now” shows that Britain has decisively left behind the era of Margaret Thatcher and is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow – with Labour, we are indeed a country transformed.

To view or download the pamphlet, simply follow this link or e-mail to
receive a printed version.