Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thoughts of Chairman Kim, Southwark News, the Town Crier and a Bank Holiday Weekend in Southwark(mainly!)

Southwark Deputy Leader and Tory Leader Kim Humphries was given a full double page spread in Southwark News last week to express his thoughts on all and sundry, inlcuding the merits and demerits of individual Labour Councillors! This follows on from the Council leader, Lib Dem Nick Stanton, having the same opportunity the week before.

the glorious "100 Days of Change" is now over and now we are back to the grim reality of a Housing service which does not meet the needs of tenants. I was called by a tenant with a roof leak a number of times over the weekend as he was unable to contact the Call Centre or get through on any Emergency number! This is the reality that needs to be faced and if Kim, who is not doubt "capable" can make it better then I will be the first of applaud him but lets wait until we see real long term embedded change for the better before we have any more Champagne Receptions and fancy key rings? In truth I dont really blame Kim, Toby, Lewis or any Tory for the present situation as they were given their positions of power by a weak and incompetent bunch of Lib Dems and you really cant blame them for taking it up! All the responsibility lies with the Lib Dems and I am sure that they will play the political price!
Southwark News also decided to tear into us over our position on the new Mayor but in reality are mising a key point! Althoguh the focus of our anger is the one reported incident which was completely outrageous, Bob Skelly has continued to treat the labour Group with complete comtempt since he has been elected and now appreas to treat Southwark residents likewise if his recent performance at OSC is anything to go by!

Strangely I have found him helpful and knowledgeable on the educatioin Scrutiny but once into a more "political" forum he seems switch on the alter ego and I am afraid that you can not expect respect from a group of people that you have treated with contempt for years, it just does not work like that!!! I can happily separate my political differences with opposition members, and of course very occassionally my own colleages!, but still respect them as individuals and for the positon that they hold. It is a simple rule that not everyoine in the Council appears to understand!
My good friend, Town Crier Peter Moore, was in the news after the BNP used his image in Election material and he has condemned them publically and demanded that they never use his image again! Good for you Peter!!!!
I had an excellent weekend with my sister and especially enjoyed Othello at the Globe with Eamonn Walker as Othello and Tim McInnerry ( both above) playing Iago both brilliant in the leading roles!!
It was good to spend most of the weeeknd in Southwark enjoying what it had to offer and even bumped into my Glorious Leader, Peter John, in the Tate Modern.

I also must comment of the fact that the Tate Modern was packed on Sunday, Othello was a sell out of course and even the Dulwich Gallery Exhibition from the Ufizzi had a sizeable queue!!