Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lib Dem/Tory Open Government, Harriet Harman for Deputy Leader and Jason Scotland for Hibs and ? and Chris Killen signs for Celtic!!

Today's Southwark News is covering Council Plans to move to Bermondsey.... Shock horror!!!! The decision was taken weeks ago and passed through OSC despite our objections.! They also seem unclear on the location.. obviously not looking at the SE1 Forum Website or even my Blog!!! This is a bad decsion, taken in haste and tying up the Council in a very expensive deal and I am afraid, SN, that it is too late for indignant Editorials!!!
The Camberwell and Peckham Labour Party GC met this week to endorse Harriet as our candidate for the Deputy Leadership and then gave a very strong performance on the Newsnight Hustings, I thought that Harriet and Hilary Benn were the best two performers by far!
I note that Lib Dem blogger is attacking my comrade Cllr. Mary Foukes on her assertion that a Lib Dem abstained in the Mayoral Vote recently. I can confirm that he definately abstained as I was closely watching him as he had abstained at the previous Council Assembly and I thought that he might do it again. Interestingly the Council Officers marked him down as a yes vote giving a 32 to 30 final vote but it was in reality 31-30!! It did not make any difference so we let it go but if it had been a vital vote we would have demanded a recount!!

Hibs are apparently interested in St. Johnstone and Trinidad and Tobago Striker Jason Scotland, not before time!!! He is clearly the best striker in the first division and played very well in both Cup competitions this season. He would be a very good buy and work well with new signing Clayton Donaldson. Hope we get him!!!
More bad news is that Chris Killen has signed for Celtic! Hibs could face a Celtic team next seasion with 5 Hibs players Caldwell, Brown, Miller, Riordan and now Killen all playing!! I fear some very heavy defeats at the hands of our old players next season!!
I still dont understand the decision of John Collins not to offer Killen more than a 1 year deal and can only assume the rumours ar true that Killen was one of the "troublemakers" identified by Collins and booted out as a result? I think that this is a mistake and we should have tried to keep him although he is now quoted as describing Hibs as a "stepping stone" which may be true but is a bit ungrateful considering the way in which he was supported by the club through a serious injury... but heho! that is football for you!!!


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