Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mid Elmington Play Area Opening, Sarkozy wins in France and Blair leaving! On my way to FA Vase Final at Wembley!

Dora and I officially "opened" the Mid Elmington Play Area on Saturday with Dora cutting the ribbon! This was done through an allocation of Cleaner, Greener and Safer and we have two more to set up on the Brandon and D'Eynesford Estates. The Southwark games staff are running training sessions on the various Estates and I do have to say that the Southwark games has been one of the better initiatives to come out of the Lib Dems and it has been very positive amongst young people so I am keen for the other play areas to open as we do need to provide some facilities for the older children as well as the tots!!
Tony Blair will this week announce his timetable for departure and so will begin the proces to find a new Labour Leader and Prime Minister as well as a Deputy.
The real interest will be in the Deputy Leadership contest with over 10 candidates with their hats in the ring. I wil, of course, support my local MP Harriet Harman, who I think would make an excellent team with Gordon Brown and they have worked well together in the past.
I was watching some of the 1997 General Election programme showing on BBC Parliament (sad i know!!!, and it really brought back the excitement and the "where were you when Portillo lost? feelings!! Still one of the best days of my life, along with Hibs winning the CIS Cup Final 5 - 1 in March of course!!!

I was sad to see Sarkozy win the French Presidential vote as it would have been good for France to have a Socialist, and a Woman as President after a long period of Conservative rule! I liked what I saw of Segolene Royale and liked her aggressive style when face to face with Sarkozy!! He actually complained about her wagging her finger at him and he tols her to calm down!!His descriptionof the Paris rioters as "scum" hardly seems very encouraging for a man who comes from an immigrant family but we will just have to wait and see?

I now have my ticket for the FA Vase Final 2007 at Wembley on Sunday! I am looking forward to being in the new National Football Stadium and in the future need to find an excuse to go to the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff and Croke Park in Dublin to have the comnplete set!
I was at the old Wembley, twin towers and all!, three times the first time to see Bruce Springsteen in 1985, the next time an American Football Match, Super Bowl replay and the last time when England played Hungary just after the 1990 World Cup so i am looking forward to it!