Thursday, May 24, 2007

Most Boring Council Meeting of the year??, Citrine and a weekend of Culture(ish!!)

It was apparently the most boring Council Assembly of the Year according to Tory Whip Lewis Robinson but I actually quite enjoyed it!!
There were over 40 votes taken on the night and the Labour Group lost most of them but stil clearly won on points as the lib dem/Tory Administation did everything they could to limit the Labour Group and the residents of Southwark from having an effective voice in the Town Hall! I wont go through the detail as it no more than we have come to expect from this pathetic bunch but even although they were all bored by the meeting, they suddenly all perked up as they voted through pay rises for Councillors three times higher than what they are giving Southwark council staff so not all bad then was it??
I did manage to refer to Citrine's ABC of Chairmanship as the standard we should aspire to but they were not interested and now have in the Council constitution a "delete all.." clause which will make an absolute mockery of the motions process in all future Council Assembly's.
My Ward colleague, Chris Page, was excellent in his new role of Labour Group Chief Whip whilst his predecessor, Paul Bates, lay ill in a hospital bed with appendicitis.. get well soon Paul!!
The dynamic of the Lib Dem/Tory Coalition is interesting with Lewis Robinson taking centre stage last night, a strewd move as Lewis can make the most unreasonable thing almost sound ok (almost but not quite Lewis!!)and he is well liked and respected on the Labour benches.
Nick Stanton gave glowing tributes to his team, many of whom have never uttered a single word in the Council Chamber since the Election in May 2006 and many of his own backbenchers looked even more unhappy with him, for the 4th time in a row, one of them broke the Lib Dem/Tory Whip last night!!! How long can this go on????

I am waiting for my sister to arrive for the weekend and have the following planned:
300 at the IMAX tonight(looks tremendous and I am a big fan of the B movie original 300 Spartans, saw it at school!)
Lion King with my friend's 6 year old daughter and her class mate on Saturday, saw it 2 yeasr ago and a couple of shorterned versions at DisneyLand Paris but it is Shauna's 6th birthday on Tuesday and she wanted to go with her friend! It is another excellent show!
Othello at the Globe on Sunday- I have never seen a version of Othello in the Theater or on TV so am looking forward to it. I am taking Bernadette to lunch in the restaurant beforehand so should be good as long as it does not rain !!
And Dulwich Picture Gallery on Bank Holiday Monday so I hope the weather holds up. There is a special Renaissance Exhibition which brings back memories of my summers in Florence when I was at school and Involved ina Town twinning between Edinburgh and Florence.
An unusual weekend for me with no politics, apart from the 2 surgeries on Saturday, and no football as the season is over!!!!
Sad to see that Liverpol could not repeat their exploits of 2 years ago losing 2-1 to AC Milan, who probably were the best side in Europe over the Season, knocking out both Celtic and Man Utd. on route to the Cup.
The real story is the incridible 5 European champions League Winners Medals for Paulo Maldini! I cant see that being beaten! I actually saw Maldini play at the san Siro stadium with Gullitt, Van Basten and Rikyard in 1991!!! Best defender of his generation in the World!
I have now recieved my 07th Heaven DVD and am currently wearing it out on the TV at home!!! Dont want to wait 16 years for another day like that but great memories!!!!!