Friday, May 04, 2007

Election Results - Labour Losses as we "take a hit!" but no "meltdown", I am off to Wembley and B'ham City apparently after most of the Hibs Team!!!

Well the results are coming in and it looks like the loses are not as bad a feared, in fact the voting percentages are almost identical to last year with Labour in second place behind the Tories and Lib Dems slipping back to 3rd place, not a good night for them anywhere!!! Even Ming could not summon up any more upbeat comment that saying that it was "mixed!
With half of English results in, Labour has lost 163 councillors, while Tories have gained 318. Lib Dems have lost 97.
It looks like Labour will remain the largest party in Wales and it is all very tight in Scotland with labour holding on at the moment but lots more votes to be counted, in part due to some serious problems with the ballot which will no doubt result in lots of arguements in the coming days and weeks! With 81 of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament declared, Labour had won 32, the SNP 31, the Lib Dems 11, the Tories six and other parties one. I hope that the last remaining results keep Alex Salmon(above) away from the First Minister's Chair and keep Scotland well away from an economically disasterous referndum on independance!!
Tommy Sheridan is out with his one man band party not even getting enough votes for him to squeeze in through the list system!
I know that it is someone annoying to hear party political hacks claim victory after defeat but I think that this result in the mnid term of a third Labour term is not too bad and really does leave us with a great chance of a historic 4th victory under Gordon Brown. The Lib Dems, Tories and nationists have not done nearly well enough so it is day for all parties to reflect on and feel fairly unhappy at the results.... certainly no knock out blows!!!!!

Jacqui Smith: Cameron's Tories fail to make any breakthrough

Friday 4 May 2007

Jacqui Smith MP, Labour's Chief Whip, commenting on the results of the elections in England, Scotland and Wales, today said: "Firstly I would like to thank all of those who vo

ted Labour yesterday and all our activists on the ground who worked tirelessly during the campaign.

"These were always going to be a very challenging and tough set of elections for a Labour government in mid-term, and we are sorry to lose dedicated councillors campaigning to make a difference in their local communities.

"What is remarkable, however, is the failure of the Conservatives to make anything like the sort of gains they need to win a General Election.

"If the Tories cannot make a general breakthrough now, at the mid-term, then it raises serious questions about David Cameron's party which relies on image and PR branding instead of real policies.

"His party needed to win councils like Bury, Barrow-in-Furness, Bolton and Crewe, but their failure to do so shows they have f

ailed to break out beyond their heartlands in any significant way.

"In fact the Conservatives actually lost Hastings and Thurrock with Labour gaining North Lincolnshire from the Tories.

"The Labour Party takes nothing for granted, and we have much work to do, but we should be confident that we remain the only

political party with serious answers to important challenges facing Britain."

Another OSC Call-In will happen next week as the Lib Dem/Tory Coalitionn announce absolutely deranged plans to move all of the Council's 2000 staff to new Offices by Tower Bridge!!!
I cant believe how it can make economic or administrative sense but politically it another blow to Camberwell with a large employer, ie the Council, moving away and it will have a seriously detrimental effect on the local economy as many shops, restaurants and bars rely on Council staff lunchtime trade!!! What has happened to the Elephant & Castle Town Hall plans???
This administration just lurches from one chaotic decision to another with absolutley no political leadership ir direction. I look forward to the OSC debate!!!

I will be going to Wembley next Sunday to see the Final of the FA Vase for non-leagure teams so it will a good chance to see the new Stadium. I am looking forward to it! i will take some pics and put on Blog the week after next!

On the Hibs front it has been rumoured in some area's of this morning's press that Birmingham City manager Steve Bruce will be at Easter Road on Saturday to spy on FOUR Hibs players to boost his squad for next seasons Premiership assault.

Bruce is apparently on his way to watch 19-year-old striker Steven Fletcher, 22-year-old right back Steven Whittaker, 22-year-old left back David Murphy and finally 21-year-old midfield dynamo Scott Brown.

Bruce will be disappointed however as in demand Scott Brown is suspended for the match, as he sits out the third match of his three match suspension.

Birmingham manager is also expected to cast an eye over Kilmarnock's exciting youngster Stevie Naismith as well.

Birmingham are just the latest in a long line of clubs linked to these players and they join the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Middlesbrough, Bolton, Rangers, Celtic & Lokomotiv Moscow on the long list of admirers.

This is the first time anyone has been linked to young Steven Fletcher and W
Birmingham could afford/ be willing to buy all four is another matter.