Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lib Dems and members allowances, Caribb FC, be a Lib Dem for £6(even if you dont want to!!) and Scott Brown wins SFWA Young Footballer of the Year !

Well my earlier reports of "Lib Dem snouts in the trough" to use Caroline Pidgeon's favourite expression when we were in power, appear to be correct! Today's Southwark News (the only place that we find out anything!) reports plans for a 9% increase taking Stanton's pay to over £60,000 per year with all his exec mates on around £45,000 ! They have the nerve to try to "spin" it as a cut! they really are as stupid as they are greedy!!!! This will all make them the highest paid Councillors in the country, an accolade that they probably wont run as a front page on their Focus newsletters!!!
Talking of which, I had the misfortune to read the Oval Lib Dem Focus, full of the usual politically incoherent ranting but was greatly amused to learn that if you send the Lib Dems £6 you automatically become a member unless you positively "opt-out" so there could be lots of unsuspecting people who are actually members of tejh Lib Dems without knowing anything about it!! What a poor excuse for a political party they really are!!!
We had a press photo at the Town Hall with Caribb FC as we have agreed the money needed for the new changing rooms which will come frem Nunhead and Peckham Rye Community Council and cross funded by other Labour led Community Councils and at least one Lib Dem CC! this must be hugely embarrassing to the Lib Dem\Tory Administration and really highlights the complete abscence of civic or political leadership!!
It has also been confirmed that Bob Skelly is the Lib Dem/Tory nomination for Mayor and we will be opposing that based on his previous and current record of treating the public with complete contempt! Not really First Citizen material in our view and we shall be saying as much!! I actually get on reasonably well with Bob on the Education Scrutiny within his comfort zone and do seek his advice based on his experience but when we get onto wider matters I am afraid he is just off the scale and was is worse, never apologizes or shows any signs of regret for his actions!!
It was good to hear that Scott Brown has won the Scottish Football Writers Association Young Player of the Year and I will miss seeing him in a Hibs shirt but he can, and I am sure will, make a big impact in the Premiership next season, he is that good!!!