Monday, June 04, 2007

Bonkers Fest in the Camberwell Sunshine!!!!

On Saturday I was at the second Bonkers Fest Fair on Camberwell Green, a much bigger and brighter affair that last year. Below is a map of camberwell green and where the various activities were positioned:

It was a really good day but also brought attention to the issues around mental health and it was highlighted in London Tonight that evening. Jo Brand was excellent as usual and opened the event by firing a cannon full of bananas!!
I would really love to see the Green used for similar events every couple of weeks in the summer to bring back the idea of the Camberwell Green Fair from the 19th Century up to date!"
Below are some of my pictures from the day including Jo opening the event :

I donned my "Bonkers" hat for the day and wore dark glasses to protect my anonymity!!
The pictures below are of my god daughter, Shauna and friend, Bradley enjoying themselves in the sunshine!!