Monday, June 25, 2007

Harriet wins Deputy leadership contest and Hibs buy Irish Winger from Newcastle!

It was great to see my local MP, Harriet Harman MP QC, win the Deputy Leadership against all of the pollsters predictions as the announcement was made at a special Labour Party Conference in Manchester yesterday.

I noticed both Alison McGovern and Barrie Hargrove being interviewed on BBC news last night , I bet that they has a good time celebrating last night!
Harriet is exactly the right person to be Deputy Leader and I would like to see her as Deputy prime Minister but it looks like that role wont exist in it's present form in the Brown Government.

I am sure that she will form a very good working relationship with Prime Minister Brown as they have worked well togther in the past. It is good to see the opinion polls moving in our favour as well and I feel very confident about upcoming Elections in Europe, Parliament and of course Council in 2010!
The results were as follows:
1.Harman: 50.4%
2. Johnson: 49.6%
The final result comes after eliminated contestants' next preferences reallocated

I cant wait until the British electorate have the choice between the 2 above as I cant believe that there can possibily be any other result than a historic fourth term for Labour!!!

Hibs have signed Irish winger Alan O'Brien, 22, (above) on a three year contract and are apparently after another Newcastle 22 year old player, Kris Gate(below). It is good to see some new players arrive as John Collins has just released Sam Morrow to Derry City, the 10th player to go so far and rumoured not to be the last!!!