Friday, June 22, 2007

Southwark Schools for the Future and practising my french with a delegation from Clichy! Gordon Brown seeks a new consensus and Fans boycott Hearts

I attended a really useful and interesting session on Southwark Schools for the Future, detailing an incredible investment of around £300M in Southwark Sercondary Schools by this Labour Government, with a total rebuild of every school by 2014, £12M of that being in improved ICT resources.
It really does re enforce how well Southwark has done through the last 10 years with massive investment in Council and other social housing through the decent Homes programme, NHS investment of around £90 Billion per year, three times more than under the Tories who were in the process of winding down the NHS! and major regeneration investment in Peckham, Canada Water, Bermondsey Spa, and of course the Elephant and Castel! Sometimes makes me wonder how we can end up with a Liberal Democrat/Tory Alliance running the Council?????
The 2 Secondaries in Camberwell are both in Camberwell Green and both are slightly problematic. AMR will become St. Michaels and All Angels Academy and I have attended a very positive community ecvent and met further with the new Head. The Southwark News Front Page is about objections from parents to the proposed relaocation of Highshore School to the AMR site. This is a tricky one for me as I do not represent the school at the moment but will in the future so am taking advice about how to proceed and perhaps contact the Highshore Head.
St. Michaels and All Angels will be redeveloped over 3 phases with phase one due for completion in 2010.

Sacred Heart RC School redevelopment will involve the school decanting entirely to the new build at Walworth for 2 years whilst the new school is build and it looks like there will be a new 6th form but the eternaly thorny issue of admissions policy remains!! All in all exciting and busy times ahead and along with the Decent Homes programme Chris, Dora and I have a busy few years ahead but years in which we should see significant transformation of the area, entirely due to Labour Government financing and not in any way due to this Tory/Lib Dem Administration unfortunately!!! I sometimes think that it will be done despite them instead of with them!!!

I met with a large delegation from our new twin town of Clichy -La-Garonne, a suburb of Paris, and spent the day at the Imperial War Museum and on a London Tour. It wa a good chance to practice my O level french and I really enjoyed the day. The Group Leader, General Jacques Trohel, was a lovely man and I also spent some time talking to Jacky Laurent who was a Fire Brigade Chief. I ended up giving a somewhat stilted guided tour in French of Central London as the translator was in the other Mini Bus!!! When we passed the Tower of London I did manage to mention William Wallace!! None of the delegation spoke english so it really was a good experience for me! As they say 2In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!!"

I am fully in support of Prime Minister in waiting seeking a more consensual Government and offering posts to other parties. In fact in 1997 Tony Blair did keep people such as John Gummer, Baroness Linda Chalker and David Mellor in advisory capacities for some time after their party had been kicked out of office so it is not all that new. Typical of the Lib Dems to get all self rightous about it when they of course actively seek hung parlaiments so that they can hold all the other parties to ransom!!! Not much sign of their "political" purity in Southwark is there????

News out today that Hearts plan to charge away fans 30% more for their tickets than the home fans, a quite outrageous abuse and quite rightly Hibs fans are going to boycott the game and hopefully other teams will do likewise to hit this greedy bunch where it hurts, in their pockets!! Hope we give them a hammering too!!!

The team are off to Austria soon and have a match against Lask Linz to round of the week before returning to face Middlesborough and Blackburn Rovers at home.

Meanwhile the BBC had the follwoing report, something I flagged up last month in the Blog!:

"Austrian striker Arno Kozelsky has moved closer to joining Hibernian as the Edinburgh club confirmed Gareth Evans as reserve team coach.
Kozelsky, who plays for Austrian second division outfit DSV Leoben, expects signing talks after impressing in a recent trial with Hibs.
"If the talks go well, I won't need to think too long," said the 25-year-old.
"Joining Hibs is a step any player would take. I could hardly believe the welcome I got when I went over there""