Friday, June 08, 2007

1,2 even 3 Jobs!!, Labour Party Deputy Leadership Contest, Big Brother and Scotland keep dream alive in Toftir!!

Above is a picture of Kim Humphries, Caroline Pidgeon and other Lib Dem and Tory luminaries celebrating "100 Days of Spin" no doubt over some champagne and canopies whilst many residents live in properties with leaking roofs and no heating?
News in the press that Kim has given up his day job and is now full time which is to be welcomed. Lets hope that "one job" Humphries can focus on the real issues and away from key rings amnd press releases!! I recommend a stint on Housing Arbitration as a real window into how we provide our services. I am constantly being reminded by our Legal Advisor not to show by outrage at the way in which tenants are treated but it is difficult at times.
Meanwhile Caroline Pidgeon now has three jobs! Cabinet and Ward member, Vauxhall PPC and GLA List member . I congratulate her and know that she is a very hard worker but I do wonder how much of her valuable time she can focus on Southwark especially glancing at her Caroline4London website which suggests that no London Brough is free from her constant attention?
I am happy with my 2 jobs at the moment and cant wait for the end of the Academic Year at London Met to let me get on with stuff ahead of next year's intake!!
I am now recieving pamphlets and emails from all six of the Deputy Leadership contestants as the ballot date draws near. I will have two votes, as a Labour Party member and as a GMB Member. I am of course supporting Harriet but do like Hilary Benn and hope to see him in a leading position in the Gordon Brown's Cabinet.

Channel 4 is in more bother with Big Brother as they had to remove a contestant for using the "n word" at a fellow black contestant. It is very likely to have been a stupid attempt as "street talk" by a white middle class girl to a black inner city "street wise" girl rather than an overtly racist comment but in the light of the last Celebrity BB she had to go!!! It is interesting that many black youth gangs do use that word in their title, perhaps a bit like gay men and women using pegorative expressions themselves but the diffewrence of course is that whilst acceptable from the inside, where context is everything, it is not acceptable from he outside as Emily has just found out with her 15 minutes of fame now over! Some of the press are reporting the high levels of intelligence of housemates with quotes like "did the Titanic really sink?" and "is an egg a vegetable?". With racist comments and idiotic questions the spirit of Bermondsey girl Jade Goody is clearly alive and well in the BB House!!!!
Scotland beat the Faroes 2-0 in the Torfir sunshine where the Tartan Army outnumbered the locals!!(see below). Not really that suprising but we have sufered at the hands of the Faroe Islanders before so it was good to get a win and see ex-Hibs player Gary O'Connor score, fully rehabilitated back into the squad after going awol last year! I saw the second half and they did look tired with the midfield and attack looking better than our defence!

John Collins has announced that Hibs will tour Austria pre season before the 2 games against Middlesborough and Blackburn Rovers. Collins seems to have an affiliation with Austria with 2 Austrians in the squad already and apparently at least another one to join.
Exiting goalkeeper Simon Brown, one of the rebels, criticised Collins for running the Spanish break like a prison , back by 10pm and no drinking! Whilst it may have been a bit ott these are highly paid professionals who should be able to go for a week without drinking in nightclubs!!!
There is little support from fans for the rebels so Collins is still a favourite with the them although a lot will rest on the start to the new season with virtually a completely different squad!!