Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gordon Brown is Prime Minister !!!! Hibs continue to buy players!

Today Tony Blair attended PMQ's, final photo with the fmaily at Number 10 and then went straight to see the queen and resign and then Gordon took ove the reigns straight away!!
1200 - 1230: Final PMQs
1300: Blair says farewell to staff at No 10
1312: Blair arrives at Palace, where he tenders resignation in private audience with Queen
1330: Brown departs Treasury with wife Sarah
1340: Blair leaves Palace
1351: Brown arrives at Palace where Queen asks him to form a government
1448: Brown leaves Palace
455: Brown enters No 10 for first time as prime minister

Above is Gordon and wife Sarah entering Number 10 and below is a quick summary of his life so far:
Born: 20 February 1951
Educated: Kirkcaldy High School, Edinburgh University
Family: Married, two sons (daughter died shortly after birth)
1972: Rector, Edinburgh University
1975: Temporary lecturer
1976: Politics lecturer, Glasgow College of Technology
1980: Television journalist, STV current affairs
1983: Labour MP, Dunfermline East
1985: Opposition front bench trade and industry spokesman
1987: Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury
1989: Shadow trade and industry spokesman
1992: Shadow chancellor
1997: Chancellor

Hibs have bought 21 year old Belgian Chelsea goalkeeper Yves Makabu-Kalamby as I predicted some time ago after he impressed during trials and hopefully he will at least be a partial problem to our goalkeeping deficincies of late

One that I did not predict was 20 year old German defender Torben Joneleit who we have on a one year loan from AS Monaco, John Collins's old club.

This makes five new players in total with ten already going out the door the other way!!