Monday, June 18, 2007

New toilet in Camberwell Green arrives, the Camberwell College of Art Show opens and sister completed Moonwalk! ...and anothe Hibs Rebel moves on!!

On Sunday morning I recieved an email from Dora who could hardly contain her excitment at the arival of the new £50,000, 10 ton toilet on Camberwell Green. I rushed out to have a look and capture the moment for posterity on film!! It should be up and running within the next month. I can hardly wait!!!!! it is a top of the range model so hopefully will keep working and it actually looks quite stylish too!! Do you think that I need to
get out more??

By the way I exercised my second vote in the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party with my GMB vote, again voting for Harriet at number 1 with Hilary Benn again at Number 2

This morning at 8am I attended the opening of the Camberwell College of Art End of Year show and had some positive discusssions with the Acting Principal and some of the staff about having more public art around Camberwell and the idea that I especially like is making Camberwell Green into a Sculpture Park!! Dont know how to progress this but will investigate the possibilities as it could be a real focal point in the centre of the borough!!
My sister, Berrnadette, sent me a text at around 6am on Sunday to tell me that the Edinburgh Moonwalk 2007 was over and see had succesfully completed it along with around 10,000 others raising large amounts of money for Breast Cancer Research in the process!!. Below are a few pics that she sent me and she said that it was a great experience even with the rain!!

Bernadette at the end of the Moonwalk and still smiling.... ish!!

At Easter Road Thomas Suwumni left the club and in a n interview with the Hungarian Press admitted to being one of the rebels, below are some of his quotes which make interesting reading and show the scale of the rebellion:"Three players - including me - have already left Hibernian and six more team members are going to do the same soon."
"They're talking about a youth-making project at the club, but it's not the reason why I had to go."
"Some footballers criticised the coach and then had a conversation with him about the situation."

"I still don't want to go back to Hungary - I want to play football abroad."

Rumours are that Bristol City are about to sign Ivan Sproule for £250,000 which is a fair return on the £5000 it cost Hibs to get him. Whilst the fans will be disappointed as he certainly was entertaining I was never convinced that he delivered enough and for all his fancy tricks he did not score many goals(hat trick against Rangers at Ibrox withstanding!!) and his final ball was all too often poor! A real entertainer that will be missed by the fans but I suspect not too much by the players!

Oldham defender and Captain, Will Haining, is being looked at by John Collins. Haining is 24 and from Glasgow and would apparently like to return to Scotland so this is a distinct possibility!

The new Hibs Training Centre is progressing well and the future for Hibs really is through youth development which is already been so successful in recent years! Where are the Celtic and Rangers Training Centres??
Other news is that Hibs kick off the new Clydesdale Bank Premier League season with an away match at Hearts!!! Nice easy start then!!!!!