Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Politics!!!!, No Football!! Music Anyone???and what about the London 2012 logo?

With the football season over and a lull in the Town Hall I am listening to Virgin Radio at work and it is clearly targetted at my profile as the playlist is very similar to my ipod selection and there are 3 albums that I am, metophorically wearing the hole out of ( a vinyl metaphor for the older audience!!).
They are in no specific order:
Keane - a great follow up to 'Hopes and Fears' which I even prefer, would love to see them live at the 02 if only they can keep out of rehab long enough!!!
A really brilliant and positive album from Razorlight with tracks that, along with Snow Patrol, you cant get away from on the radio and TV adverts!
My absolute favourite album for a number of years this really is top quality with a number of very strong tracks and I thoroughly recommend it to all!!!!
In many ways I think these groups resemble the other "studenty" groups of the 80's and 90's James and Wonderstuff which are still very popular and now reformed and gigging again!!
Lots of discussion about the new logo, I actually dont mind it and get the point but am very surprised about the photosensitivity allegations and amazed that they did not check all this out!! You would think for £400K+ they might have considered this??
I am not so sure that an animated logo is such a geat idea as much of the representation on merchandise will be two dimensional unless they do it in a 3D format ?
News from the Hibs Box office is that season ticket sales are booming despite the internal; strife and a number of players leaving. Confidence is high of topping the 10,500 record season ticket sales of last season and an average attendance of 14,600!! Dad has his already!!!